Painting with Fire

Encaustic painting is a very old technique, used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The term is derived from the greek and means “burn it”.

The Encaustic medium is made using beeswax and Damar resin with pigments. In order to paint, the medium has to be hot and layers need to be fused together. Additionally, I use a torch to move the liquid layers in some areas and add a shellac burn to others before I finish off the paining with details in oil paint.

As the medium matures and hardens over a months, the final painting acquires a beautiful rich depth that resists atmospheric conditions better than most finishes.

“Beauty behind tree”
Equus caballus

8”x10” – Encaustic and oil

“Tree Spirit” – Female Great Grey Owl
Strix nebulosa

9” x 12” – Encaustic and oil with gold

“Dangerous Beauty” – Sacred Datura
Datura wrightii

12” x 24” – Encaustic and oil

“Tiny Giraffes”
Giraffa camelopardalis

5” x 5” – Encaustic and oil with gold

“Wild Horses”
Equus caballus

24” x 24” – Encaustic and oil