My paintings and illustrations of wildlife and pets come from my deep love for animals and art.

Most of my notebooks and folders in school were covered with drawings of cats, dogs, and horses. Not much has changed, except that I now use art paper and canvas to do my artwork.

I was born and raised in Germany, studied biology in England and I have traveled to and lived in many amazing places with incredible wildlife. Through my work as a wildlife biologist I have been able to observe up close and even handle most of the animals I feature in my art. Intimately knowing these animals has allowed me to see and capture expressions and personalities.

Living in the Costa Rican rainforest and working with wild cats taught me much about their conservation challenges. Above with our ambassador ocelot Taffa. Working with owls and other raptors on glove and in flight while teaching people about them and their environment has been deeply satisfying. Below I am working with Alba the female barn owl and Houston the male barred owl in Northern California.

One of my goals as a wildlife artist is to help people make a connection and inspire them to learn more about wild animals and their habitats. I believe that people can coexist with wildlife, even in urban areas. By learning more about wildlife, we can become better stewards of nature and help protect wildlife and wildlands for future generations.

Most of my work is done in watercolor, oil, mixed media, or graphite. My paintings have been used in various publications, my favorite of which is of course the book “A Guide to the Carnivores of Central America” which I co-wrote with my husband Carlos de la Rosa. They have also helped promote organizations ranging from conservation projects to wildlife rehabilitation and animal care facilities.

You can find my art on social media, wildlife art events, galleries, and special exhibits.

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