Encaustic and Oil

Painting with fire –
Encaustic painting is a very old technique, used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The term is derived from the greek and means “burn it”.

More of my encaustic art can be found here.

Watercolor Wildlife

I love working with wildlife, which has allowed me to get to know these animals and see them as individuals. When I spend hours working close-up on my animal paintings, I start to see details that I might have missed otherwise.

Here are examples of my recent watercolor wildlife paintings.

Pet Portraits

Getting to know animals in person or through pictures and descriptions helps me paint them as individuals. I try to bring out their personality so that you see your friend when you look at the picture.

Click to see some examples of my portrait work.

About Me

This is me with Shadow the great gray owl. She was rescued with injuries and healed at a local wildlife hospital. However, she could not be released back to the wild due to her injuries. So instead, she became an animal ambassador, teaching people about owls and their habitats.

To learn a little more about me, click here.